Gudnest Website

Long story short

Since I shown interest in UI/UX Design during my Software Engineering’s internship, the company put me in charge of the website’s visual design, where I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a talented group of specialists. The website address is

Final Design


I joined the project after it had already begun, so I had to quickly catch up on it’s specifications. The main objective was to make sure that users would comprehend the app and be interested in downloading it.

Understanding the project was the very first step. I worked with an UX Designer at the company who presented me with the website’s wireframes and user flows. Following the process of learning, I began to work on the brand kit, during which I had to improve my research skills in order to make the website fit with the whole brand.

Brand Kit

With the brand kit made the next step was drawing a new illustration for the brand, as the Product Manager wanted to test out having the brand associated with a likeable mascot which would also work for marketing purposes.

At first I drew about 5 different styles, which were presented to the PM and the stakeholders, and they voted on the one they liked most, and so I iterated on it a bit more to show different poses, as the mascot needed to show different expressions.


Fine tuning the coloring, the poses, the right width of the strokes, and even the right expression wasn’t an easy task. It was a back and forth between me, the PM, and the stakeholders, as we wanted to land on something we all agreed on, and as the PM really enjoyed my illustration work, he was sure I could nail it, so I did!

We settled for 3 color combinations, which worked with the various backgrounds we used and were easy to use for Ads and social media posts. You can see some posts I’ve made on Instagram at @gudnest.

In order to ensure that the user was aware of all the pertinent information, our marketing team and I worked together to write the ideal copy. I relied on my more experienced team members to point out anything I missed regarding logistics and general user experience.
I think that working closely with the team helped me get my designs to the point where they were both aesthetically pleasing and able to provide a good user experience.


The primary objective of providing a positive visual experience for the user was accomplished, and working as a team to provide that experience in various ways for the user was extremely rewarding.

The following points are some lessons I’ve learned:

  • (Collaborative) Iteration is crucial. It’s how design and research work together in practice since one cannot advance without the other.
  • What I will do differently next time. More documentation, and more testing. Because I’ve come to such a late stage of the design I couldn’t be part of the initial research which I think would have been beneficial to make better decisions beforehand, and perhaps I wouldn’t need as much support. Regarding the documentation, I wish I had more experience so that the delivery to the developers would be as easy as possible.

@2023 Portfolio – Sofia Nóbrega