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This project holds a special place in my career as it represents one of my earliest forays into visual design. I’m proud to say that to this day, I’m still involved in this project, collaborating with colleagues to improve it further. Working alongside more experienced designers has been an incredible learning experience, and I’ve received valuable feedback that has helped me refine my work.

Over the course of my involvement in this project, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of features, allowing me to develop my skills in various aspects of design. Through this work, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the importance of collaboration, iteration, and constant refinement in the design process. Overall, this project has been a challenging and rewarding experience, and I’m excited to continue working on it as it evolves and grows.

Final Design


Gudnest is an innovative bird management app that offers a simple and user-friendly interface designed to assist users with managing birds, couples, and postures. The app is designed to cater to both beginner and professional bird creators alike, and it aims to streamline the bird creation process by replacing traditional pen-and-paper methods with a convenient mobile solution.

Gudnest is already available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, and it continues to evolve based on user feedback, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for bird enthusiasts everywhere. Check it out on:


With the app Gudnest, I had the opportunity to contribute to various features, including the implementation of polygamous couples, the bird’s birthday, the genealogical tree, and ongoing developments.

Throughout the design process of each feature, extensive research was conducted, and multiple iterations were made until the final design was achieved. This approach ensured that every aspect of the app was carefully considered and refined, resulting in a seamless user experience.

In the following sections, I will provide detailed explanations of the design process for each feature, highlighting the decision-making process, research, and iterative design approach that led to their successful implementation.

Polygamous Couples

The polygamous couple feature in the Gudnest app was developed in response to user demand from bird creators who practice this type of breeding. To ensure that the app remains flexible and suitable for all users, the feature can be easily toggled on or off. Additionally, an explanation of the feature was included in the app to educate users on the practice of polygamy in bird breeding.

Final Version of Polygamous Couples

During the development process, existing components were utilized to simplify the design and focus on usability. A new icon was also created to represent birds involved in more than one couple, consisting of three interlinked rings to differentiate it from the original two-ring icon representing a single couple.



The implementation of this feature required updates to multiple screens to display relationship information, and a filtering feature was added to allow users to sort birds by their relationship status.

Overall, the polygamous couple feature in the Gudnest app reflects a commitment to user-centered design, with attention paid to the needs of all bird creators, regardless of their breeding practices.

Final Version of Polygamous Couples

Bird's Birthday

In the development of the Gudnest App, I had the opportunity to contribute to several features, one of which was the implementation of the bird birthday feature. The request for this feature was received through Gudnest’s social media channels by multiple users, highlighting its importance to the bird-owning community.

Given its relative simplicity, we paused work on more complex features to prioritize this request and deliver it in a timely manner. The design process involved some iterations before arriving at the final design. While the initial designs were well-received, I continued to experiment with different design elements to ensure the feature fit seamlessly into the existing app layout. Additionally, it was crucial to collaborate with the team to determine the optimal placement and importance of the feature to the user.

First Version of Bird's Birthday

Once the final design was established, I thoroughly tested its usability in various scenarios to ensure its effectiveness and avoid overwhelming the user interface. This feature now provides Gudnest App users with a streamlined and efficient way of keeping track of their birds’ birthdays.

Final Version of Bird's Birthday

Genealogical tree

One of the features that I contributed to on the Gudnest App is the bird genealogy tree. This highly anticipated feature was requested by users in a questionnaire about what features would make them try the app. As a result, the team decided to prioritize this feature and brainstormed how to implement it effectively.

Questionnaire results
First Version

To ensure that the envisioned feature was in line with user expectations, I conducted extensive research on similar apps dealing with animal and human family trees. While there were valuable insights to be gained from these examples, I recognized the importance of tailoring the feature to meet the specific needs of Gudnest’s user base. For instance, I found that while human family trees often display connections in graph format, the bird community values easily accessible connections without having to navigate through a graph.

To accommodate this preference, I designed the feature to display family connections in a similar format to the postures section. Here, users can see the birds that were born from a specific couple, making it easy to identify kinship relations.

However, as I continued working on the feature, I realized that the information about each bird was becoming cumbersome and difficult to read. To improve the user experience, I divided the information into categories and organized them into tabs: Identification, Location, Origin, and Kinship.

The image on the side does not represent these tabs, since it was the first iteration of this feature and it was changed after some consideration.

Categorization First Version
Final Version of Genealogical Tree​

In the final version, you can see how this tab system has been implemented across the app. The top row displays information about each bird’s profile, while the bottom row features couple profiles that have undergone similar changes. Not only has the tab system been given a fresh look and feel, but it is now easier to identify which tab is open at any given time.

Overall, developing this feature was a time-consuming and intensive process, but it was also the most rewarding due to the positive reception from users.


This project holds a special place in my heart as it has allowed me to witness the tangible impact of my work within a community. As a UX Designer, I am fortunate to work alongside a supportive team that not only corrects my mistakes but also recognizes my accomplishments. Their unwavering trust in my decision-making abilities and eagerness to hear my perspectives has enabled me to pursue my dream of becoming a UX Designer.
Compared to my previous experience of working on the UI of the app’s website, this project has been a remarkable journey of applying essential UX concepts and articulating them to the team. Working on the different features, as mentioned earlier, has significantly enhanced my design skills and knowledge, which is something I strive for with every project.
In summary, this project has been an incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth, and I am grateful to have had the chance to work on it with such a supportive team.

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